City of Salisbury Animal Control


It is unlawful for any owner to allow his animal to become a public nuisance.


Any animal shall be determined a public nuisance when it engages in activities that disturb the peace of any neighborhood.


Any animal that damages any property other than its owner's.


Any animal that causes unsanitary, dangerous or offensive conditions by virtue of the size or number of animals maintained at a single location or due to the inadequacy of the facility.


Any animal that is restrained in a manner which allows that animal to reach onto property that is not owned by the animal's owner.


Any animal that makes or causes noises audible within a building or adjacent property and of sufficient volume so as to disturb the quiet enjoyment of the occupants thereof.


Any person owning, possessing, harboring or having the care, charge, control or custody of any dog shall immediately remove and thereafter dispose of any fecal matter deposited by such dog on any public property or on private property without the consent of the owner or person in lawful possession of said property. For the purpose of this section, such dog fecal matter shall be immediately removed by placing said matter in a bag, wrapper or other container and thereafter disposing of it by depositing said matter in a trash receptacle.

No person owning, possessing, harboring or having the care, charge, control or custody of any dog, cat or other animal shall knowingly permit any waste matter from the animal to collect and remain on the owner's or custodian's property, or the property of others, so as to cause or create an unhealthy, unsanitary, dangerous or offensive living condition on the owner's or custodian's property or to the property of others.

This section shall not apply to a person who has a physical handicap which would prevent the person from complying with the requirements of this section.

(Ord. 1709 § 1 (part), 1999)

6.04.280 - Violation—Penalty.

(Ord. 1709 § 1 (part), 1999)

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