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HOA assessment payment is due to be received by 1/01/2023 !
(Please review options below)

Send payment to:  SCCA   P.O. Box 5225  Salisbury, MD 21802-5225

The following  HOA assessment(dues) payment schedule for 2022
$ 500.00 Annually
Due January 1st
$ 250.00 Semi Annually
Due January 1st & July 1st
$ 125.00 Quarterly
Due January 1, April 1, July 1, Oct. 1
Late Fee $ 15.00*
Payment must be postmarked 30 days from due date!
Your Balance due is accelerated and full amount due with a 
10% interest charge until paid in full

*Late fee will apply if not paid with-in 30 days of due date*

A big "shout out" to our helpers Jane Whittaker, Jane Grogan, Cathy Taylor, Kathleen McIntyre and her grandson for collecting the Joseph House food donations given by our generous homeowners and residents.

Thanks Spring Chase Community for another successful Joseph House food drive!